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          Toyism Art Movement is a mixed group of professional artists from all over the world, with different cultural backgrounds, various disciplines, who operate together in a movement.

          What are the key characteristics of Toyism Art?

          • Resistance to ego. It’s about art, not about the artist.
          • Art for everyone. Not only in galleries or museums, but all around us.
          • All works are narrative, meaning, as is so often said, “every picture tells a story.” Eyes are drawn to the allegory- keep looking and you will find additional meaning.
          • All works are figurative, meaning they depict recognizable objects as opposed to abstractions. No suggestion of space and perspective.
          • There are distinct outlines in toyist compositions. Lines of contrasting colour, rows of dots and even bands of colour containing dots around objects are prevalent.
          • Colours are bold and distinct from one another, not blended.
          • Deceptively simple looking at times, toyist works are not to be underestimated. They are, rather, heavy on skilful painting technique and craftsmanship.
          • Themes chosen are common to the human condition. Work, eat, sleep (perchance to dream – there’s more than a tinge of the surreal going on here), play, procreate and please, do enjoy life and nature while you’re about these things.
          • Cheery and humorous as its art appears, Toyism is a serious style that, upon closer inspection, often deals with subject matter that may be anything but cheery or humorous.
          • Above all else Toyism is a friendly, uplifting oasis in a world that increasingly focuses on the bizarre, the violent and the freaky. It’s artists and the manifesto are not about something dark, narrow, twisted, tortured, but about life and light!


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